1 Ball Joint Boot Clip Stainless Steel 33mm, GL1045

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1 x One Ball Joint Boot Clip Stainless Steel 33mm.

Part Number:- GL1045, Ball Joint Boot Clip Stainless Steel 33mm

Weight:- 100g

Land Rover Defender, Land Rover Series 3, Discovery1, Discovery 2, RRc and P38.
Defender Drop Arm Ball Joint.
Our HD Greaseable Track Rod Ends.
Original Lemforder Track Rod Ends.
Delphi Track Rod Ends.
Defender Anti Roll Bar Link Arms.

Internal Diameter:- 33mm

These are replacement Track Rod End Boot Clips made out of 302S26 Stainless Steel spring wire, designed to hold the boot onto the ball joint.

These clips are the ideal clips to use with our Polyurethane Ball Joint Boots GL1172.
A common problem with Rubber Track Rod End Boots these days is perishing/cracking, Rubber doesn’t seem to be what it used to be.
Polyurethane boots will not perish/crack like normal Rubber, giving a much longer service life.

We would recommend that you do not fit the smaller clip that your original Rubber Boot may be fitted with, leaving this clip off will allow old grease to squeeze out as new grease is pumped in, it will also stop the Boot swelling and popping off from over greasing.
The Boot needs to swivel over the track rod end shaft as your steering is turned lock to lock, so even if your track rod end is not a greasable type this will help stop the boot from twisting as the shaft turns with your steering.

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