1310 Double Cardan Repair Kit, GL1169K48

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1 x 1310 Double Cardan Repair Kit.

Part Number:- GL1169K48, 1310 Double Cardan Repair Kit 

Fits:- All our 1310 Double Cardan Propshafts.

Weight:- 3kg

The Kit Includes:-
2 x 1310 Cap Greased Joints (81.8mm x 27mm GL1156)
1 x Ball Kit, (27mm Ball, Rubber Boot and Clip)
2 x K48 Grease Cartridges 

This is a repair kit to repair your 1310 Double Cardan propshaft, it includes everything to repair the double Cardan end.

If you require a joint for the other end please look at GL1093 or GL1156, these are all 1310 joints 81.8mm x 27mm.

We do 2 types of Double Cardan propshafts, 1310 and 2020, the only difference is the joint size, 1310 has a 27mm cap diameter and 2020 has a 30.2mm cap diameter, 2020 being the strongest, If you are unsure which type of cap you have, simply measure the cap diameter.

Part Number:- GL1169K48 fits 1310 Double Cardan (27mm cap diameter)
Part Number:- GL1237K48 fits 2020 MEGA Double Cardan (30.2mm cap diameter)

Propshaft Wear:-
Propshaft universal joint wear and vibration is a problem on Land Rover vehicles, on lifted vehicles, this can be more of a problem as it steepens propshaft Universal Joint working angles to the point where they overheat and vibration problems can become an issue. Caster Correction also steepens UJ working angles so can cause more vibration and overheating problems, even lowered Defenders can suffer from vibration issues.
No prop shaft should be run for long periods with a steeper running angle of more than 5 degrees, anything above this angle used for long journeys will cause the UJs to overheat, and the grease will dry up and cause premature wear. This is always a problem with Land Rovers. For example, if you are driving at 50mph at 2000RPM the propshaft is revolving 2000 times every 1 minute, the steeper the angle the faster the needles are revolving in the caps, this is why they overheat, on a Double Cardan at these speeds the ball in-between the 2 joints is also working hard and getting hot, eventually, it will cause the rubber boot over the ball to fail.

Please note that propshaft UJ`s on lifted vehicles are under more strain and require REGULAR GREASING to help prolong their life.

Ensure your capped greased joint does not allow grease to leak back from the grease nipple they must seal after greasing. If you have dirt in there, they will not seal. If this is the case the grease nipple must be replaced or capped with our plug.

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Weight 3 kg

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