200TDI & 300TDI Axle Breathers, GL1119

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1 x Pair 90 Degree Axle Breather Fittings.

Part Number:-  GL1119, Pair 200tdi & 300tdi Axle Breathers

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Fits:- Land Rover axles with a 1/8 BSP tread, all Defenders up to TD5, all Discovery 1, all RRc.

Will not fit the TD5, PUMA or Discovery 2’s axles.

These close-fit 90-degree breather fittings help eliminate the pipes being ripped off as they are a close fit to the axle. They have a larger hole to prevent blockages which is a problem with the standard ones. These fittings take a 6mm pipe and have a 1/8 BSP thread. They are also supplied with our full wading kits.

Why do you need axle and gearbox breathers?
The standard Land Rover fittings have a small hole in the banjo bolt which tends to block up unlike these replacements as they have a larger hole which lets the air flow through.
The original breathers do rust over time which can cause the hole to block up. You do not want the axle breathers to block as when the gearbox, transfer box and axles warm up, the air will expand, which will cause pressure build-up and will force oil out past the seals. Along with this reason, when going into the water it will cause a vacuum on the gearbox or transfer box and axles which will cause water to be sucked in past the seals.
Our axle breathers are brass which prevents them from rusting which means they will not block up or break off. Having good breathers allows the axles or gearbox to breathe when it needs to, not causing the pressure to build up which leads to other problems, which are above. You must extend the breather pipes higher than any water level you may go into, this way the water will not find its way in.

They don’t fit the TD5 or Puma axles as they don’t have a thread in the axle casing. Please see here for TD5 and Puma Breathers – GL1135

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