2020 Land Rover MEGA Wide Angle Prop UJ, 81.8 x 30.2mm, Single GL1211

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1 x MEGA 2020 Cap Geased and Centre Lubed EXTREME Duty UJ for our MEGA Prop Shafts

Part Number :- GL1211, One 2020 MEGA Extreme Propshaft Universal Joint

Fits :- Our 30 Degree 2020 Wide Angle and Double Cardan MEGA Propshafts.

The Kit includes :-
1 x MEGA 2020 Cap Greased and Centre Lubed Universal Joint 81.8mm x 30.2mm.
1 x Bung and Washer (To use if removing the Cap Grease Nipple)

Weight :- 0.8KG

Please see HERE for a Tube of Morris K48 Moly Grease GL1163.
We recommend all prop joints and sliders are regularly greased, especially after being off road / through water.   

These are very high quality Universal joints that we use in our strongest 2020 MEGA props.

These joints measures 81.8mm x 30.2mm, (a 1310 is 81.8mm x 27mm) One of the things a larger cap diameter means is thicker trunnions which can cope with increased power and torque loads but with the joint still being 81.8mm across it remains compact.

Inside the caps as you can see in the picture there are 3 slots cut into each cap, these slots allow the grease to get to the 4 caps to allow even grease distribution, the caps are also sealed with NYLON / RUBBER SEALS to help stop mud and water getting into them, these joints also hold more grease to increase the joint life and should last for many years if they are greased regularly. The body of the joint is also centre lubed.

These joints are cap greasable which gives very easy access to get your grease gun on to the joint for greasing, you also have the choice of greasing via the centre lube in the middle of the UJ body. If you are putting your vehicle through more extreme off road use then there is the chance that you can knock the grease nipple off the cap, if this is a risk then you can remove the nipple in the cap and replace it with the bung we supply, you can then either grease through the centre lube or refit the cap nipple when you need to grease.

On lifted vehicles the propshaft is always under more strain due to the angles they run at and greasing the joints is very important, especially after being in water and mud.

Please note :- These Universal Joints don’t fit standard Land Rover or 1310 wide angle props, they only fit our 2020 MEGA props.

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Weight 0.8 kg