.2020 MEGA Propshaft info


For those looking for our strongest propshafts we have our 2020 MEGA props.

TD5 and Puma Engines can produce much greater power and torque, especially once tuned, with upgrades in Differential, Axle and Gearbox strengths and with large diameter aggressive tyres this is putting much more demand on your prop shafts.
To better cope with this we would recommend you go for our 2020 MEGA props over our 1310 EXT.

Our 2020 MEGA props use Universal Joints which are 81.8mm x 30.2mm (a 1310 is 81.8mm x 27mm)
One of the things a larger cap diameter means is thicker trunnions which can cope with increased power and torque loads but with the joint still being 81.8mm across it remains compact.
These props are built with 2.5” and 3” tube, all other build specs are like our 1310 EXTs

The 2020s are very strong compact commercial joints.

We can build these props to custom lengths and are what we are supplying for Ultra 4 builds, more extreme use off roaders and builds fitting high power engine conversions.

To order a 2020 MEGA please call or email us as we do not have them listed on our website yet but will soon.

Tel :- 01938 810298

Email :- info@gwynlewis4x4.co.uk

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2020 MEGA EXTREME Wide Angle £378.00 inc VAT

2020 MEGA EXTREME Double Cardan £558.00 inc VAT