300 Tdi Alternator Pulley 7 Rib 65mm, GL1152

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1 x 300 Tdi Alternator Pulley, 7 rib, 65mm

Part Number:- GL1152, 300 Tdi Alternator Pulley 7 Rib 65mm

Weight:- 0.5KG

Fits:- 300tdi A127 Style Alternators

This Kit Consists of:-
1 x Larger 65mm 7 Rib Pulley
1 x 5.5mm Spacer

This Pulley is the larger 65mm 7 rib pulley that we fit our 100amp alternators for use with our 300tdi,  and TD5 Twin Alternator mounting kits.
Pulley can also be used on V8 Alternators fitted with our V8 Twin Alternator Mounting Kit.
We recommend using this larger 65mm pulley as its larger diameter means you have more belt contact (belt wrap) on the pulley, which means less belt slip under load.

If fitting this 65mm pulley to a 300tdi Alternator in its original mounting place you will require the longer ERR3287 / 7PK1595 Fanbelt if you don’t already have it fitted, the smaller 53mm pulley uses the shorter ERR5911 7PK1580 Fanbelt.

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Weight 0.5 kg

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