300tdi / TD5 Front Double Cardan ULTRA EXTREME Wide Angle HD Prop GL-DC-ULTRA-EXT-600

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1 x Heavy Duty Double Cardan Ultra Extreme Wide Angle Propshaft.

Part Number :- GL-DC-ULTRA-EXT-600, 300tdi / TD5 Front Double Cardan ULTRA EXTREME Wide Angle HD Prop Shaft

Manufacturer :-  Custom built for Gwyn Lewis 4×4.

Working length :- 637mm + – 8mm

Fits :- Defender 90/110/130 300tdi, TD5, Front Propshaft.
Fits :- Discovery 1, 200/300tdi, Front Propshaft.
Fits :- Discovery 2 td5, but will require a Defender transfer box flange, Front Propshaft.
Fits :- Range Rover Classic 200/300tdi with LT230 transfer box, Front Propshaft.

Weight :- 13.4KG

These are our new style Double Cardan with the slider on the double cardan end, the double cardan end goes up to the gearbox / transfer box, with these the slider is out of the mud and water.
This fits straight onto a Defender style transfer box flange you will not require a Discovery 2 Transfer Box Flange to fit this one

These EXTRA HEAVY DUTY Double Cardan wide angle propshafts are custom made for us to our own specification. This version has the superior Italian joint unit and has no need for a new output flange, the double cardan end is compatible with the Land Rover Defender transfer box output flange, as you can see in the pictures the slider is also on the double cardan end so no mud and water to get into the slider.

These propshafts are made to a very high standard, please don’t compare these to cheap import ones.

Please note these propshafts have heavy duty round flanges, when fitting make sure you clean up the diff and gearbox flange face as you may have taken a square type flange off and the new round one does not want to sit on top of rust and mud.

This propshaft  has 3 fully greaseable UJs,  and the slider is also greaseable on these.

Why Fit a Double Cardan propshaft
A Double Cardan propshaft is used mainly to reduce propshaft vibrations on lifted vehicles where running angles have become steeper.
The Double Cardan end is fitted to the gearbox as this is normally the steepest angle.
Although these propshafts are 30/40 degree wide angle, no propshaft should be run with a steeper angle of 10 degree as this causes premature universal joint wear, especially when used on road as they over heat.
By fitting a Double Cardan propshaft you have 2 universal joints at the Double Cardan end which reduces the joint angle by 1/2 making them last longer compared to a single joint on a normal propshaft.
Between the 2 joints there is a ball cup that holds the 2 joints together, again on big lifts these can wear out quicker.
There is no disadvantage in fitting a Double Cardan propshaft, its only that quality ones like these are double the price of a quality wide angle propshaft and re building the double cardan end is not easy to do.

If you require a custom length, please contact us with measurements so we can get one made, have a look at the last picture to help you measure your propshaft length.

They feature

  • Double Cardon propshafts are used to help reduce propshaft vibrations on lifted vehicles, especially after caster correction.
  • Slip joint is at the Double Cardan end out of the mud and water.
  • 30 degree wide angle to prevent the propshaft binding up on long travel suspension.
  • 40 degree wide angle on the Double Cardan end.
  • Heavy Duty Round Flange Face (not the old square type), that bolts to gearbox and diff 79.4mm PCD.
  • This version has the superior Italian Double Cardon end with slip joint built into the D/C end (both these joints are Cap Greased)
  • Higher torque capacity than a standard Land Rover propshaft, using 60mm heavy duty high torque tube.
  • Td5 Discovery 2 transfer box flange is not required to fit this one.
  • Heavy duty 1310 series Universal Joints (27mm x 81.8mm) with nylon thrust washers and metal/rubber seals, the nylon thrust washers also has a cross in them to allow grease to get to each cup when greasing them.
  • Rilsan coated spline for smother operation and helps eliminate vibrations.
  • Upgraded involute spline configuration with 18 splines that is also GREASEABLE which is a feature only found on our propshafts.
  • Internally plug welded to hold grease in the slider.
  • Double seal arrangement on the slip assembly, with 110mm of movement and full spline contact on the male and female slider to help with long travel suspension.
  • Phased when required to reduce vibrations.
  • All prop shafts come with a tube of k48 grease.

Please note that propshaft UJ`s on lifted vehicles are under more strain and require REGULAR GREASING to prolong there life, no propshaft should be used for long periods of time with a steeper running angle of more than 10 degree, anything above this angle used for long journeys will cause the UJs to over heat and cause premature wear, this is always a problem on Land Rovers especially with suspension lifts above 2 inches, as once you lift the suspension the propshaft angle steepens, even caster correction makes the propshaft angle steeper.

We can also make non standard custom length props.
If you are unsure what you need please contact me.

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Weight 13.4 kg