300tdi / TD5 Front Wide Angle Prop Shaft GKN/Hardy Spicer, TVB100610G

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Manufacturer :- GKN/HARDY SPICER

Part Number :- TVB100610G, 300tdi / TD5 Front Wide Angle Prop Shaft GKN/Hardy Spicer

Fits :- Defender 90/110 Front 300Tdi/Td5
Fits :- Discovery 1Front 200Tdi/300Tdi
Fits :- RRC Front 200Tdi/300Tdi with LT230 transfer box

Weight :- 8KG

This propshaft is a genuine Hardy Spicer/GKN Land Rover part TVB100610G, it is a wide angle prop but not as wide angle as our custom built 30 degree props (our blue ones, GL-EXT-600 is the same fitment )

It uses the larger of the universal joints 27mm x 92mm 1330 series, they are normally fitted to the front of a Defender TD5.
Both joints and the slider are greaseable and the propshaft is phased to reduce vibrations.
Includes new nuts and bolts.

Fitting advice :-
When fitting make sure you clean up the diff and gearbox flange faces as you don’t want prop flanges sitting on top of dirt or rust. Brushing some grease on to flange faces after will help stop rust.

The Slider goes to your transfer box flanges, for a Double Cardan prop the DC end goes to the front transfer box flange.
You must ensure all UJs and the slider are fully greased on fitment and are regularly greased during use.
We Grease all UJ’s and sliders here during final checks but sliders can not be filled with grease until a prop is fitted, you will need to fill the slider with grease.

Closed length 605mm

Please note that propshaft UJ`s on lifted vehicles are under more strain and require REGULAR GREASING to prolong there life, no propshaft should be used for long periods of time with a steeper running angle of more than 10 degree, anything above this angle used for long journeys will cause the UJs to over heat and cause premature wear, this is always a problem on Land Rovers especially with suspension lifts above 2 inches, as once you lift the suspension the propshaft angle steepens, even caster correction makes the propshaft angle steeper.


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Weight 8 kg