A-Frame Ball Joint, Greasable & Adjustable In Housing, GL1078

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1 x Greaseable & Adjustable A Frame Joint inc Housing.

Part Number :- GL1078, A-Frame Ball Joint, Greasable & Adjustable In Housing

Fits :- Defender 90/110/130,Discovery 1, RRc

Weight :- 2.9KG

45 Degree wide Angle Joint.

This is an Adjustable & Greaseable A-Frame Ball Joint ready pressed into the housing to make it much easier for you to fit to your Land Rover, A frame joints can be very difficult to get out of the old housing and just as difficult to press the new one in, this is why we have done this ready assembled in the housing.

This A-Frame Ball Joint can be adjusted if you do find you get play in it, it also can be greased and the grease will also stop the adjuster nut seizing up which is commonly known with adjustable joints, they also give 45 Degree of movement, more movement than many other joints on the market.


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Weight 2.9 kg