Challenge Pro Comp +5.5 Inch Shock – Single, GL1098Pro

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1 x Pro Comp ES9000 11 inch travel + 5.5 inch Pin/Pin Challenge Shock.

Part Number :- GL1098Pro, Challenge Pro Comp +5.5 Inch Shock – Single

Fits :- Defender 90,110,130 / Discovery 1 / RRC with our rear shock mounts and front turrets.

Manufacturer :- Pro Comp/ Gwyn Lewis 4×4

Shock Length open :- 675mm
Shock Length closed :- 400mm
Main Body Diameter :- 60mm

Weight :- 4KG

These Pro Comp ES9000 shock absorbers are for our challenge suspension kit, they are a PIN/PIN fixing and will require our shock mounts to fit them on the front and rear of Land Rovers, they are 11 inch  travel (+ 5.5 inch), they come ready assembled with the bushes and our bush isolation washers on each end,(these bush isolation washers are very important to help stop the pin of the shock wearing away, all our shocks come with them ready fitted), we also fit Nylon Insert T Nuts with these shock because as standard nuts come loose, when you fit these DO NOT over tighten the nuts as there is to much thread on the pins see picture 2, if over tightened it can cause the pin to brake off as the bush cant flex, you can see the bush isolation washers in the Shocks and Springs section in my shop .

2 x Shock Boots are also supplied with these FOC, when you fit the boots, I recommend you don’t clip them on the bottom, as they may hold water and moisture that can cause the chrome rod to rust, you can always cut the boot to length so its just touching the lower shock body, you can also brush some grease on the chrome rod to help stop any rust forming.

These Pro Comp shocks have a softer ride, if it is a heavy Land Rover I would recommend the Old Man Emu ones instead.

Procomp :- A budget shock better suited for use on a lighter weight trialer / offroader. The valving in these is soft, they will give a soft boaty ride on road, not recommended if your Land Rover is a heavier one or used for towing.

Bearmach 11” :- These are priced more like the budget Procomps but they offer better valving and build quality. They are still not recommended if your Land Rover is a heavier one or used for towing but they will give better road manners than the procomps.

Pedders :-
These are a quality Australian shock. We recommend you use the Pedders shocks if you want more of a comfort ride, they are better suited to a standard weight Land Rover or one that is carrying little extra weight. The valving is softer than the OME Sport but still able to provide very good road manners.

Old Man Emu Sport :-
These have powerful valving which provides very good road manners, even on a heavier Land Rover without Anti Roll Bars fitted. They are available with a medium and firm sport ride. We recommend these for the best road manners but on a Land Rover carrying little extra weigh they do ride a bit hard.

These are the shocks I designed my Challenge Kit around some 20 years ago.

Please click HERE to download the Shock Bush Isolation Washers fitting instructions

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Weight 4 kg