Defender, Discovery 1 & 2, LT230 Rear Transfer Box Flange Kit,LR055719-KIT, STC3433

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1 x LT230 Rear Transfer Box Flange Kit LR055719-KIT, STC3433

Weight:- 2KG

Part Number:- LR055719-KIT, STC3433, LT230 Rear Transfer Box Flange Kit

Manufacturer:- Various + Gwyn Lewis 4×4.

Fits:- All Defender, Discovery 1, Discovery 2 & RRc LT230 Transfer Box.

This Flange Kit is a standard LT230 Rear Transfer Box Flange (Handbrake End) 79.4mm PCD

The Flange Kit is fully assembled and ready to be fitted onto the vehicle with the mud shield already pressed on and the bolts installed. 

Torque setting of centre nut 120 lb ft / 162 Nm

This kit consists of:-
1 x 4 Bolt Flange.
1 x Recessed mud shield ready pressed onto the flange.
1 x Large Circlip
1 x Oil Seal FTC4939.
4 x Propshaft Bolts & Nuts.
2 x Countersunk Handbrake Securing Screws
1 x Pinion Nut and Washer.
1 x Felt Seal

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Weight 2 kg