Defender, Discovery 1, RRC, Discovery 2, TD5 & PUMA & V8 Wading Kit, GL1118

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1 x Full Wading Kit.

Part Number :-  GL1118, Defender, Discovery 1, RRC, Discovery 2, TD5 & PUMA & V8 Wading Kit

Weight :- 0.7KG

This is a very high quality wading kit, using the best fittings and components I can find, not to be confused with cheaper kits for sale.

Fits:- Defender td5/Puma 90/110, Defender/Disco 1/RRc V8, Disco 2 td5.

The kit includes everything you need, it includes a 5 way manifold, so only one pipe to fit up the side of the snorkel or behind the cab on truck cabs, this pipe is a Polyethylene/Aluminium tubing (has aluminium lining inside the pipe) this can be formed into shape and P clipped to the snorkel or behind the cab out of harms way, the axle fittings supplied are only for the older axles with a screw in fitting, they are very close fit to the axle casing to help stop the pipes being torn off, if you need 90 degree axle fittings for TD5, Puma or Disco 2 axles please see my other listing on the fittings as they are not in this kit, (see note below).

To fit the kit you position the manifold where you would like it probably on the bulkhead, you replace the gearbox and transfer box breather fittings with our 6mm swivel fittings or you use the original gearbox and transfer box pipes and extend them with the 6mm pipe couplings supplied to the manifold (on a PUMA TD4 you only have a transfer box pipe, there is no gearbox breather to connect to), you can also use the original axle pipes and extend them as well to the manifold or replace them completely with the 6mm pipe supplied, all that is left then is the main breather pipe to go up the snorkel or behind the cab, this is the pipe with aluminium inside as you can bend it to shape, this pipe can be extended as well if required as there is ample 6mm and 8mm pipe to make a nice neat job of fitting.

The manifold has 3 x 6mm ports, on a Defender Puma or a Auto Box this is all you need 3 x 6mm ports, if fitting to Defender TD5 style you will need to use the Y connector to join the 2 gearbox pipes into 1 pipe and then to the manifold, have a look at the last picture to help explain, the Y connector can be positioned where you want, it doesn’t have to go up close by the manifold, any ports not used on the manifold you can plug them with the plugs supplied.

The kit includes :-

10 meters 6mm nylon pipe.

5 meters 8mm nylon pipe.

2 meter 8mm maluform pipe to go up the snorkel or behind the cab, this tube has a aluminium insert and once it is bent into shape it will stay that way.

4 x 6mm straight push fit connectors.

1 x 8mm straight push fit connector.

4 x 8mm Stainless Steel Pclips inc S/S screws.

1 x 5 way manifold inc screws 3x6mm ports 2x8mm ports.

1 x 6mm Y connector (joins 2 pipes into 1).

1 x 8mm blanking plug.

2 x axle breather 90 degree fittings, these do not fit later Defender Puma / td5 or Discovery 2 axles (Only for earlier axles, see note below)

2 x 90 degree swivel gearbox fittings.

20 x short cable ties.

10 x long cable ties.

If you require 90 degree axle breather fittings for the Defender PUMA or Defender TD5 or Discovery 2 axles please click HERE as they are not included in this kit as some customers want them and some don’t, they are brass fittings and the axle casing has to be threaded to fit them, a kit with a M12 tap is supplied if you require one, please click HERE for the kit with a tap.

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