Defender Steering Bar Kit, HD Steel, SUMO-HD-1135-740-3TRE, Special Offer

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1 x Pair Heavy Duty EN8 STEEL Steering Bars (SUMOBARS) & 3 Greaseable Track Rod Ends.


Please select from the Drop Down Menu if you want this kit supplied with our Heavy Duty Track Rod Ends or our Delphi Track Rod Ends

Our Heavy Duty Greasable Track Rod Ends are the HEAVIEST DUTY Track Rod Ends that we do, they are fitted with standard Rubber Boots, we have upgrade Polyurethane Boots available as an optional extra that you can fit if you want, we would recommend you fit these, please click HERE to see them. These track rod ends will require painting if you don’t want them to rust.

Our Delphi Track Rod Ends are also Greasable, they have Painted Bodies and come ready fitted with our upgrade Polyurethane Boots.

Part No:- SUMO-HD-1135-740-3TRE-HD, Defender Steering Bar Kit, HD Steel, SUMO-HD

Part No:- SUMO-HD-1135-740-3TRE-DELPHI, Defender Steering Bar Kit, HD Steel, SUMO-HD

Weight:- 13kg

Manufacturer:- Gwyn Lewis 4×4 SUMOBARS, these are made in the UK not cheaper imports.

Fits:- Defender 90/110/130 Right Hand & Left Hand Drive.

These are our Solid Heavy Duty Steel Steering Bars, (SUMO-HD) they are 30mm solid EN8 Steel bars, designed to be used by all, on and off road.

When fitting the SUMO LOCK NUTS onto the track rod ends use plenty of grease on the threads, this will prevent the nuts seizing onto the track rod ends, we use MORRIS K48 grease, see HERE.

The Kit includes:-
1 x SUMO-HD-1135 Heavy Duty track rod bar (rear bar).
2 x Heavy Duty GREASEABLE Track Rod Ends (R/H & L/H Thread).
1 x SUMO-HD-740 Heavy Duty drag link bar (front bar).
1 x Heavy Duty GREASEABLE Track Rod End (R/H Thread).

SUMOBARS are the original Heavy Duty Steering Bars and arguably still the best, they are used all around the world from on road, off road, comp safari to extreme off road.

We now manufacture 2 types of steering bars.

SUMO-HD—-These are made from 30mm solid EN8 engineering grade CARBON STEEL BAR, designed to be used by all, on & off road.

SUMO-SS—-These are made from 30mm solid 303 STAINLESS STEEL BAR, these bars are the strongest bar in the sumobars range as stainless offers a much greater strength, it is 1.5 times stronger than steel, these bars can be used from on road to extreme off road use, they are also supplied with stainless steel locking nuts.

All our sumobars are supplied with locking nuts, the sumobar LOCK NUTS are full nuts (not like the cheaper copies which come with half nuts), this is for strength and security with less chance of rounding the nut whilst tightening them, the steel nuts are 24mm and the stainless steel nuts are 27mm, both ends of the sumobars have machined flats for ease of tightening the lock nuts to the bar and the right hand thread is easily identified with a grove machined around the bar and the lock nut.

Please remember all SUMOBARS are made from engineering grade steel, not to be confused with cheaper copy bars made from a low grade of mild steel.

All threads on the bars are double checked and are greased with WURTH corrosion-protecting aluminium-copper paste, this will stop the track rod ends seizing in the bars at a later date.

A Drag Link Bar is the bar from the steering box to the opposite wheel, (short bar in front of the front axle).

A Track Rod Bar joins the 2 wheels together, (long bar behind the front axle).

A rough measurement of the Drag Link bar length before fitting is centre of track rod end to centre of ball joint is 92.5cm.

A rough measurement of the Track Rod bar length before fitting is centre of track rod end to centre of track rod end is 123cm.

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Weight 13 kg
Track Rod End Type

Heavy Duty Track Rod Ends, Delphi Track Rod Ends