Defender, Discovery 1 & 2, 4 Bolt Diff Flange, GL1089

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1 x 4 Bolt Diff Flange Kit.

Part Number :- GL1089, Defender, Discovery 1 & 2, 4 Bolt Diff Flange.

Manufacturer :- Land Rover Gwyn Lewis 4×4.

Fits:- Defender / Discovery 1 / RRC / Discovery 2 Rear Diff, will also fit all Front Diffs (24 spline Diffs).

Weight :- 1KG

This is a quality OEM Diff Flange, not a cheap copy one.

This is a 4 bolt diff flange conversion kit to replace the rubber drive coupling (doughnut) on the rear of Discovery 1, RRC and Discovery 2 when you fit a wide angle rear propshaft. It is required when you fit a suspension lift on late Discovery 1, RRC and Discovery 2 as the rubber drive coupling doesn’t last long. A new propshaft will also be required as wide angle propshafts have a 4 bolt flange instead of the 3 bolt as standard.

This can also be used to replace the front and rear 4 bolt diff flanges on all 24 spline diffs fitted to Defender, Discovery 1, Range Rover Classic and Discovery 2.

You can also use one of these 4 bolt flange kits to fit an earlier Discovery 1 & RRC 200tdi 4 bolt flange rear propshaft on to a later Discovery 1, RRC and Discovery 2.

This flange comes complete with a built in 12.5mm spacer as many others don’t have the spacer, if you do fit one without the spacer it will cause the diff to seize up. It also has a recessed metal mud shield to help stop mud and debris getting to the oil seal, I have already pressed the mud shield on the flange to make it easier for you to fit.

(please note the built in spacer is not a propshaft spacer, it is a spacer that is part of the internal part of the flange, the piece that goes into the diff itself where the oil seal runs on)

I do not recommend fitting propshaft spacers as it stops the propshaft fully closing, it can brake the transfer box off the gearbox if the propshaft cant fully close.

Overall height :- 60mm

Torque setting of centre nut/bolt 85 lb ft / 115 Nm

This kit consists of :-
1 x 4 Bolt Flange with built in inner spacer.
1 x Recessed mud shield ready pressed onto the flange.
1 x Oil Seal.
4 x Propshaft bolts & nuts.
1 x Pinion Nut.
1 x Pinion Bolt.
1 x Split Pin.

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