Discovery 2 Old Man Emu 60024L + 2 inch Front Shock

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1 x OLD MAN EMU Nitrocharger Sport Plus 2 Inch Front Shock

Part Number:- 60024L Old Man Emu Front +2 Inch Shock – Single

Manufacturer:- Old Man Emu

Weight:- 3.5Kg

Fits:- Discovery 2 Front

Shock Length open:- 627mm
Shock Length closed:- 388mm
Main Body Diameter:- 55mm
Plastic Shroud Diameter:- 66mm

This is a +2 inch front shock absorber to fit the front of a Discovery 2, this shock absorber bolts onto a standard height front turret and is the maximum length shock absorber you can fit without changing or lengthening your ABS wires and brake hoses. They can be used with standard height springs up to 3 inch lift springs.

Longer ABS wires and extended brake hoses will be required if the shock absorber is bolted to a spring spacer used on the vehicle to give an extra lift as it allows the axle to drop down further. 

The OME Sport Shocks are designed to provide a superior ride and handling experience compared to other shock absorbers. This is thanks to the multi-stacked rebound and compression valving, once the shock is compressed it is hard to pull back out. This feature helps to prevent body roll and bounce, while still maintaining a comfortable ride both on and off the road.

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Weight 3.5 kg

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