.Explorer Suspension Kit Info


Our Explorer Suspension Kit is designed for those looking to improve the suspension performance of their Defenders which are used on road and off road.

When we say +2 inch / +3 inch, what we are talking about is your shock length. On the front our Explorer kit uses shocks that are 2 inches longer when fully open compared to standard Land Rover Shocks, on the rear we are using shocks that are 3 inches longer when fully open.
We do not mean a 3 inch suspension lift.
Springs determine your ride heigh, shocks travel and length determine your axle travel (articulation off road), longer shocks mean more axle movement.

This is a bolt on kit using original mounting points, no modification is needed to your Defenders chassis.

This kit can only be fitted to 90, 110, 130 Defenders.

This kit is an intermediate between a common 2” lift kit with +2” shocks and our more extreme Challenge Kit which uses +5” Shocks. It is aimed at those wanting improved axle articulation better than common +2” kits give but not as extreme as our full long travel Challenge Kit.

We are using +2” length shocks from Old Man Emu on the Front and +3” length shocks from Old Man Emu on the rear, the rear shocks we also convert from a standard Eye/Pin fitting to a Pin/Pin fitting.
It is a known problem for the upper Eye fitting on standard fitment rear shocks to brake off due to lack of sideways movement.
A Pin fixing allows more movement in all directions without breaking off as has been well proven over the years by my +5inch Challenge Pin/Pin Rear Shock mount.

A Pin/Pin Rear Shock is for use by those who want the much improved reliability of a Pin/Pin fitting shock over the Standard Eye/Pin fitting.

This kit can be run from standard ride height up to a 3” lift, we would recommend lifting up to 2” maximum for anything that wants to be used on road too.

+2” length shocks on the front can be run with or without Anti Roll Bars, on the rear with +3” length shocks Anti Roll Bars can not be used. You will need extended Brake Hoses, Spring Retainers, Spring Re-locators and if fitted with a lift spring you will need Extended Bump Stops.

Our Old Man Emu Sport Shocks will give a much improved ride and handling quality over other shock absorbers due to their multi-stacked rebound and compression valving, once the shock is compressed it is hard to pull out, this is what gives a much better handling as it stops body roll and bounce, but still giving a comfortable ride on and off road.

We have two versions of our rear Pin/Pin +3” shocks GL2007, these shocks give a Medium Sport Ride, recommended for Defender 90 Rear (light to medium weight Land Rovers)
GL2006, These are the same shock but with a firmer valving, better suited for use on the Rear of 110/130s and 90s that are heavily loaded. (Land Rovers that are regularly carrying extra weight or towing)

With our Explorer Kit you will change your standard front shocks for our +2” OME GL2001 Sport Shocks and fit with our Heavy Front Turrets GL1056, these have spring relocators built in, you will secure these using our Heavy Duty Turret Securing Rings GL1053. To secure your front springs to your axle you will need our front spring retainers GL1054.
Moving to the rear you will change your standard Eye/Pin shocks for our +3” Pin/Pin OME GL2007 / GL2008 Sport Shocks and fit with our Explorer Pin/Pin Shock mounts GL1171. With +3” rear shocks your rear springs will  dislocate away from your chassis when articulating, you will need spring relocators GL1064 for a 90 or GL1065 for a 110/130. Rear Spring Retainers will be needed to secure your rear springs to your axle, for a 90 GL1070, for a 110/130

 GL1182. For your Rear Arms you will need our Heavy Duty Cranked Arms GL1074 (BLUE) or GL1175 (BLACK)
Extended Bump Stops GL1057Y-4 / GL1057B-4 will be required if you are fitting a Lift Spring.