Front Anti Roll Bar Spacer Kit 37mm, 2 Position GL1275

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1 x Front Anti Roll Bar Spacer Kit 37mm

Part Number:- GL1275, Front Anti Roll Bar Spacer Kit 2 position 37mm

Weight:- 2Kg

Manufacturer:- Gwyn Lewis 4×4

Fits:- All Defender 90, 110, 130 FRONT Anti Roll Bar 2 Bolt Fixing, also Discovery 1, RRc.

Kit Includes:
2 x 37mm spacers
1 x Complete Bolt Kit

The newly designed front anti-roll bar spacers serves two main purposes. Please read below for more information. – 
  1. The main reason for an anti roll bar spacer to be fitted is to lower the anti roll bar, this spacer will lower the front anti roll bar by 37mm. If +2inch shock absorbers or long travel shock absorbers are fitted to the vehicle and you would like to fit a front anti roll bar for more stability then these spacers will be needed to lower the anti roll bar to prevent the propshaft from touching the anti roll bar on axle drop. 
  2. This anti roll bar spacer is two-positioned, the reason for this design is that anti roll bars are of different lengths, some have been made longer along with front castor correction suspension arms. Because of the different length bars, it causes the anti roll bar drop links to hit the axle, however by fitting our anti roll bar spacers, you can move the rear bush mounting point back by either 15mm or 30mm. This then allows more room for the anti roll bar drop links to move and flex. 
The reason behind using an anti roll bar with longer travel suspension is if using softer valved front shocks absorbers for comfort 
When using softer valved shock absorbers for comfort reasons it can cause body roll whilst driving which is why an anti roll bar is used to prevent body roll. Firmer valved shocks with a firm rebound valve can also act the same as an anti roll bar, the firm rebound valve stops the shock absorber from coming out fast so helps stop body roll, but a firm valved shock absorber gives a rougher ride.

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