GL1202, Discovery 2 Track Rod Guard

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1 x Discovery 2 Track Rod Guard

Part No:- GL1202, Discovery 2 Track Rod Guard

Fits:- Discovery 2

Manufacturer:- Gwyn Lewis 4×4 Designed and Built, not a cheap import.

Weight:– 14Kg

Ultimate Steering Protection.
This guard will protect your rear steering bar (track rod bar), the one behind the front axle, a must have if you go over tree stumps or large rocks that will catch the track rod bar. These guards are money well spent; you will not be disappointed. No need to worry about your track rod bar again.

These Track Rod Guards bolt onto your front axle using the existing mounting points, two side mounting plates are provided that attaches to the front trailing arm mounting bolts. The guard then bolts to these side plates.

In the kit, you will be supplied with two lids that will cover the top of the Track Rod Guard. These two lids are important as if the top is not covered up then rocks may get into the guard and can jam up the steering.

This guard can also be fitted if you have a wrap-around diff guard. To do this you need to cut the back off the diff guard, drill two holes then it will bolt onto our track rod guard. There is a bracket welded to our track rod guard ready for the diff guard.

These track rod guards are designed around our SUMOBARS however most other heavy-duty track rod bars will also fit. The track rod bar is the first thing you will bend when going off-roading, you can even bend a heavy-duty bar that is why the track rod guard gives you ultimate steering protection. These guards also have a skid plate on the front part to help you lift over rocks and tree stumps.

The guard is galvanized for corrosion resistance.

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Weight 14 kg

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