Alemite 500-E Grease Gun with 18″ Flex Hose, GL1241

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1 x Alemite 500-E Grease Gun with 18″ Flex Hose.

Weight :- 2kg

Manufacturer :- Alemite

Part Number :- GL1241 (Alemite 500-E)

Kit Includes :-
1 x Alemite 500-E Grease Gun.
1 x 18″ Flexi Hose.
1 x Grease Coupler

This is a Alemite 500-E Professional Heavy Duty Grease Gun.
We were that impressed with these we had to offer them to our customers.
These are professional grease guns designed to consistently deliver excellent performance.
They take the standard 400g cartridge.
This one comes with a 18″ Flexible Grease Hose.
They are 3 way loading, Cartridge, Suction, Or fast fill from loader pump.
Its unbelievable how much extra grease they push out per pump compared to cheaper ones I have used.
They also develop 10,000 psi of pressure.

We can also supply a 36″ Flexible Grease Hose Part Number :- GL1242, the longer 36″ hose makes greasing Land Rover propshafts easier as you have to grease the gearbox ends from above the joints due to the angle, not like the axle ends from below the joints. 

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Weight 2 kg