HD Warn 8274 Brake linings

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1 x Pair Heavy Duty Brake Linings.

These H/D 8274 Brake Linings are a must have for all Warn 8274 & Gigglepin 4×4 winches as the standard ones are just not strong enough, the standard ones will just brake up and jam the brake, these are made out of a more flexible material with a larger surface area and are oil and grease compatible, this is why you can put oil or grease on them, by putting grease on them and around the 21 round balls it helps you assemble the brake, it also stops the chatter and helps stop the linings sticking to the outer metal discs when not in use.

Once you have assembled your brake I recommend you lower yourself down or pull the rope out in revers gear to bead the brake shoes in, this is quite important to do.

Heavy Duty Brake Linings picture also shows the STD ones to compare the difference. 

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