HD Winch Wiring Kit, GL1113

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1 x Heavy Duty Winch Wiring Kit, 3.8mtr long 3 leads.

Part Number:- GL1113, HD Winch Wiring Kit

Manufacturer:- Gwyn Lewis 4×4

Fits:-  Defender 90, 110, 130.

Weight:- 5KG

This kit consists of:-
1 x 3.8mtr Heavy Duty Red Positive + lead 50×8 & 50×10 eyelet.
1 x .7mtr Heavy Duty Red Positive + lead 50×8 & 50×10 eyelet.
1 x 3.8mtr Heavy Duty Black Earth – lead 50×8 & 50×8 eyelet.

This is a heavy duty wiring kit made to go from your Defender seat box batteries to the front winch, (Not a winch wiring extension kit like others for sale that are only 2mtr long, joining cables to extend them is not a good idea, you get a voltage drop, think of the cables as a water hose current must travel through them).

The length of this kit is 3.8mtr, plenty long enough, it is made out of 50mm square cable not 35mm like others, you need heavy duty cable with high power motors, for example, a warn 8274 can draw up to 600amp on a very hard pull, lighter cable just won’t allow this and the voltage at the motor will be far less than at the batteries, the lower the volts the higher the amps, this will not be good for any motor, it will just burn out.

Important when fitting:-
The earth lead is as important as the live lead, many forget to earth the winch motors properly, underneath most winch motors is an m8 thread, this is the earth point, you must clean off the paint to allow the cable to earth properly as electric can’t travel through paint and rust it will over heat and burn out, once fitted you can brush grease or battery terminal spray on the terminal to stop corrosion.

The short red lead goes from the battery to the winch isolation switch, make sure you use a heavy duty battery cut-off switch, the metal L shape handle ones you want, don’t use a red key type as they are only 100amp nowhere near heavy enough, the lead has a 50×10 eyelet for the switch end.

The long red lead goes from the battery cut-out to the winch solenoid, again the lead has a 50×10 eyelet for the battery cut-out switch end.

Make sure all connections are clean and tight, spray battery terminal spray on the terminals to stop corrosion.

In my opinion, earthing the alternators are very important, this is how you get a maximum charge out of your alternator, high output alternators can’t always earth properly through the bolt holes, I even earth the standard alternators as the mountings are bolted to a painted engine block and rust and corrosion over the years will cause poor earth.
You must remember the batteries are just an electric storage tank, it is the alternators that do the hard work, and the quicker you can charge the batteries the more power you will have, this is why my alternator wiring kits are very heavy duty.
Fitting a relay as a secondary ignition is important in my opinion due to you having 2 wiring circuits so it keeps everything separate.
All this can be found on my Alternator Wiring Kit.

See HERE for a youtube video of my Challenge truck, you will see how hard the winch can pull when wired properly. This one uses a Gigglepin GP82 winch, 2 x 12v Bowmotor 1, two off my HD Winch Wiring kits, one for each motor, two Albright Solenoids, one for each motor, two yellow top optima batteries charging through my second alternator which is 12v 100Amp. All connections are good and nothing gets hot, I can also connect my 3rd battery to the winch batteries when winching, this will then give 200amp of charging current.

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