Hydro Assist Kit, GL1120

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1 x Hydro Assist Kit

Part Number:- GL1120, Hydro Assist Kit

Manufacturer:- Gwyn Lewis 4×4

Weight:- 5.5KG

Hydro Assist Steering Kit
This kit will take the pressure off the steering box and also give a more powerful steering, all the hoses take feeds from existing ports on the 4-bolt power steering box with no need to drill or tap or weld fittings to the box, and the new 2 position ram will also fit RIGHT or LEFT hand drive models, the kit will bolt straight onto all Defender models with a 4 bolt PAS Box, in place of the steering damper.

We recommend you use one of our Sumobars with this kit as the standard bar will not be strong enough.

For increased strength we would recommend you fit the straight Drop Arm as used on the Discovery 1, this allows you to fit a Track Rod End rather than the weak press in ball joint as fitted to the standard Defender Swan Neck Drop Arm.

A Sumo-740 Drag Link will be needed if using the Standard Defender Swan Neck Drop Arm or a Sumo-830 Drag Link if using the Discovery 1 Straight Drop Arm.
If using a Discovery 1 Straight Drop Arm you will also need one of our Clamp On Brackets, see HERE.

Our Hydro Assist kit was designed for off road use to help strengthen the steering box and to make the steering more powerful.

Under competition/extreme use the centre shaft inside the Land Rover steering box that the steering drop arm is splined to will twist and eventually can even sheer off, by attaching our ram to the drop arm across from the chassis (replacing your steering damper) it takes the pressure off this shaft by pushing and pulling directly on the drop arm, it also acts as a steering damper.

By fitting an extra ram it can slightly slow down the steering speed lock to lock as more oil is required, you can improve this by drilling out the hole that the original bleed screw to 4mm, you will also need to drill the new fitting we supply to 4mm that screws back into the top of the steering box, this is the only restriction you can modify to achieve more speed.

A larger ram will give more power, but will drastically reduce the steering speed.
More pump pressure only gives more power.
More oil flow gives more speed.
This kit is designed for off road use, but many do fit the kit for road use as larger tyres are being fitted which makes the steering heavy and hard to manoeuvre.

Only fits 4 bolt PAS Boxes.

If you want to fit this kit to a Discovery or Range Rover Classic please contact us.

Hoses are marked A B C
A Longest Hose, runs from bleed screw fitting to assist ram fitting closest to the chassis.
B Middle Hose, runs from tee piece to assist ram fitting closest to the chrome rod or rose joint end.
C Shortest Hose, replaces original link pipe, runs from the top rear of steering box to tee piece.

Please click HERE to download PDF fitting instructions

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Weight 5.5 kg

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