Defender Hi-Cap 110 130 Heavy Duty Rear Mudflap kit + Mud Shields GL1016

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1 x Rear mudflap mounting kit & mud shields, quick release mudflaps for 110/130 Hi-Cap

Please note that this sale does not include the mudflaps, you use your existing ones.

Please see HERE for Genuine Rear Mud Flaps with Land Rover Logo
Please see HERE for Plain After Market Rear Mud Flaps
Please see HERE for After Market Rear Mud Flaps with BritPart Logo

Part No :- GL1016, Defender Hi-Cap 110 130 Heavy Duty Rear Mudflap kit + Mud Shields

Fits:- Defender Hi-Cap 110 or 130

Manufacturer :- Gwyn Lewis 4×4.

Weight :- 4.5KG

This is a pair (kit includes right hand and left hand sides)

Don’t lose your rear Mudflaps again !!

This kit is to mount your existing rear mudflap to a much stronger mudflap support as the original ones tend to fall off and damage the side of your Defender, the mudflap mount is quick release so if using off road the mudflap can be removed very easily in seconds, the brackets are made out of 3mm galvanized steel and come with all bolts and fixings to fit them, the kit also incorporates a plastic mud shield that fastens to the rear tub to stop all the mud and road salt getting to where you don’t need it, they are made from a rigid but still flexible 3mm plastic material in black, the mud shield also makes cleaning your Land Rover much easier as the mud cant get into places where you don’t want it.

As you can see in the pictures there is a lot of items in this kit and you will have to cut your existing mudflaps to make them fit, it all can be done quite easily.

When fitting our mud shield kits I recommend using Morris K48 Moly Grease on all nuts/bolts and on all the steel and galvanized fittings that bolt to alloy as it acts like a barrier to stop corrosion, if brushed onto the galvanized brackets it will help stop white salt marks that occurs from road salt in wet conditions. Please see HERE for more about this grease.

Detailed fitting instructions are supplied with the kit or can be found by clicking HERE

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Weight 4.5 kg