1310 Land Rover Heavy Duty Wide Angle Prop UJ, 81.8 x 27mm, Single, GL1093

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1 x Heavy Duty UJ for Wide Angle Propshafts

Part Number :- GL1093, One 1310 Heavy Duty Wide Angle Propshaft Universal Joint

Fits:- 30 Degree 1310 Wide Angle Propshafts.

Weight :- 0.6KG

The Kit includes:-

1 x Heavy Duty Greasable Universal Joint 81.8mm x 27mm.

Please see HERE for a Tube of Morris K48 Moly Grease GL1163
We recommend all prop joints and sliders are regularly greased, especially after being off road / through water.

These are a very high quality replacement UJ for all 1310 wide angle propshafts, the joint measures 81.8mm x 27mm, inside the cap as you can see in the picture, there is a plastic THRUST WASHER with 5 slots cut into them, these slots allow the grease to get to the 4 caps, the caps are also sealed with NYLON and RUBBER SEALS to help stop mud and water getting into them, these joints also hold more grease to increase the joint life, these joints are also fitted as standard fitment on all our wide angle propshafts and should last for many years if they are greased regularly.

Fitting advice :-
If joints have thrust washers, make sure there is only one thrust washer in each cap, you do not want to double them up.
Always fill the caps with grease as this will help hold the needles in the cap on assembly.
Never use a socket to press the caps in as the socket is hollow this can cause the joint to push through the cap, you must use something flat.
If you can’t get the circlip in do not over press the cap as you may damage it, you may just need to tap the yoke apart to relieve the pressure caused by pressing in the caps.
You must ensure all UJs and the slider are fully greased on fitment and are regularly greased during use.
After greasing cap greased joints, you must make sure it does not allow grease to leak back, they must seal after greasing. If you have dirt in there, they will not seal. If this is the case the grease nipple must be replaced or capped with our plug.
Always make sure your propshaft can still turn with your axle at full suspension drop out, long-travel suspension can allow the axle to drop down too far causing the joints to bind and break.

On lifted vehicles the propshaft is always under more strain due to the angles they run at and greasing the joints is very important, especially after being in water and mud.

Please note :- These Universal Joints don’t fit standard Land Rover propshafts, only wide angle ones.

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