Pair ANR2938 Front or Rear Coil Spring Isolator

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1 x Pair ANR2938 Front or Rear Coil Spring Isolator.

Part Number:- ANR2938 Front or Rear Coil Spring Isolator, Pair

Weight:- 1KG

Manufacturer:- OEM

Defender 90 Front or Rear.
Defender 110/130 Front Only.
Disco 1 Front or Rear.
RRc Front or Rear.

This is for a Pair of ANR2938 Coil Spring Isolators, they are 10mm thick made out of Rubber and Metal. These isolators were designed to try and stop the harshness and vibrations out of the rear axle getting to the body.

These days they have a number of uses:-
ANR2938 will also fit the Front Coil Springs to help stop Harshness and Vibrations from the axle.
Can be used as a 10mm spacer Front or Rear.
You could also use 2 per spring one top and one bottom to get 20mm more lift.
They can also be used just on one side to trim your suspension if leaning one way.
If you have long travel dislocating suspension you have to be careful where you fit them.

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