Pair ANR3060 Front or Rear Coil Spring Isolator

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1 x Pair ANR3060 Front or Rear Coil Spring Isolator.

Part Number:- ANR3060 Front or Rear Coil Spring Isolator, Pair


Manufacturer:- BRITPART

Defender 90 Front and Rear.
Defender 110/130 Front and Rear.
Disco 1 Front and Rear.
RRc Front and Rear.

This is for a Pair of ANR3060 Coil Spring Isolators, made out of flexible plastic.
They are used if you have progressive coil springs where the coils are touching each other and causing a noise or vibration when the vehicle is driven on the road or even idling. To fit you slide these over the coil spring where they are touching at ride height, this then stops the noise traveling through the coil spring to the chassis.

Once fitted they will be held in place by an adhesive strip inside. 

They are sold in pairs, normally 1 pair will do 2 coil springs, however, sometimes you may need 2 pairs if you need to isolate both the top and bottom of the coil springs

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