GL1240, Pro Comp +2 inch Rear Shocks – Pair

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1 x GL1240, Pair Pro Comp ES9000 REAR + 2 inch Shocks Eye/Pin.

Fits :- REAR Defender 90,110,130 / Discovery 1 / RRC.

Weight :- 6KG

The Kit includes :-

2 x Pro Comp + 2 inch Rear shocks.
x Rubber Boots.

2 x Shock Bush Isolation Washers.
2 x Nylon Insert T Nuts.
4 x M12 Spring Washers top mount spacers.

Manufacturer :- Pro Comp/ Gwyn Lewis 4×4

These Pro Comp ES9000 shock absorbers come ready assembled with the bushes and our bush isolation washers on the bottom,(these bush isolation washers are very important to help stop the pin of the shock wearing away, all our shocks come with them ready fitted), we also fit Nylon Insert T Nuts with these shock because as standard nuts come loose, when you fit these DO NOT over tighten the nuts as there is to much thread on the pins see picture 2, if over tightened it can cause the pin to brake off as the bush can’t flex, also on later axles you need to remove the original cup washers as they will restrict the bush and cause the shock to brake off on the lower mount, you can see the bush isolation washers in the Shocks & Springs section in my shop, on the top EYE MOUNT I supply a spring washer to go underneath the outer washer, see picture 3, this will give more room for the bush to flex and help stop the top EYE mount braking off.

2 x Shock Boots are also supplied with these FOC, when you fit the boots, I recommend you don’t clip them on the bottom, as they may hold water and moisture that can cause the chrome rod to rust, you can always cut the boot to length so its just touching the lower shock body, you can also brush some grease on the chrome rod to help stop any rust forming.

Fitting instructions are supplied with each shock, please click HERE to download a copy.

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Weight 6 kg