Prop Shaft Bolt Tool Inc Full Bolt Kits, GL1097

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1 x Propshaft Tool 1/2 inch drive 9/16 Slim Hex Socket Head, this also includes a full set of FRONT & REAR propshaft bolts and nuts.

Part Number :- GL1097, Prop Shaft Bolt Tool Inc Full Bolt Kits

Manufacturer :- Britpart

Weight :- 0.75KG

This Propshaft Tool makes removing your propshaft nuts much easier than just using a ring spanner, the slim socket head and the slim shaft allows you to get onto the nuts, see picture above, this one is 1/2 inch square drive.

These tools are made by Britpart, we use them in our workshop and when compared to others available we have found them to be the best.

Includes a full front prop shaft bolt kit and a full rear prop shaft bolt kit.

16 x Nyloc Nuts, 3/8 UNF
8 x Diff Flange Bolts, 3/8  x  1″ 1/8 UNF (28mm long)
4 x Front Transfer Box Bolts, 3/8  x  1″ 1/4 UNF (31mm long)
4 x Rear Transfer Box Flange Bolts 3/8  x  1″ 1/2 UNF (37mm long)

** Note lengths of bolts for correct fitment **

We include a prop bolt kit with all our Blue Wide Angle EXT Props.

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