PUMA Front Prop Shaft Original GKN LR010465G – LR044361G

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1 x GENUINE GKN PUMA 2.2 2.4 Front Propshaft (New Old Stock) including Nuts & Bolts.

Weight :-  8KG

Part Number :- LR010465G-LR044361G, Puma Front Propshaft Original GKN

Manufacturer :- GKN

Fits :- All DEFENDER FRONT 2007 on PUMA TDCI 2.2 2.4

Fitting advice :-
When fitting make sure you clean up the diff and gearbox flange faces as you don’t want prop flanges sitting on top of dirt or rust.

The Slider goes to your transfer box flanges, for a Double Cardan prop the DC end goes to the front transfer box flange.
You must ensure all UJs and the slider are fully greased on fitment and are regularly greased during use.
We Grease all UJ’s and sliders here during final checks but sliders can not be filled with grease until a prop is fitted, you will need to fill the slider with grease.

This propshaft is a GENUINE GKN Land Rover part LR010465 LR044361, it is what was originally fitted on the front of a PUMA 2.4 2.2 TDCI, they are original GKN ones, they are new old stock, they may have some dust on them as they have been in stock here a while, they are the larger 1350 series joints 30.2mm x 92.1mm with a grease nipple in the center of each joint, the slider is also the ball spline slider, they are also phased to reduce vibrations, they will also have a pack Nuts & Bolts to fit the propshaft.

Closed length 675mm


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Weight 8 kg