PUMA Front Prop Shaft Original GKN LR010465G – LR044361G

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1 x GENUINE GKN PUMA 2.2 2.4 Front Propshaft (New Old Stock) including Nuts & Bolts.

Weight :-  8KG

Part Number :- LR010465G-LR044361G, Puma Front Propshaft Original GKN

Manufacturer :- GKN

Fits :- All DEFENDER FRONT 2007 on PUMA TDCI 2.2 2.4

This propshaft is a GENUINE GKN Land Rover part LR010465 LR044361, it is what was originally fitted on the front of a PUMA 2.4 2.2 TDCI, they are original GKN ones, they are new old stock, they may have some dust on them as they have been in stock here a while, they are the larger 1350 series joints 30.2mm x 92.1mm with a grease nipple in the center of each joint, the slider is also the ball spline slider, they are also phased to reduce vibrations, they will also have a pack Nuts & Bolts to fit the propshaft.

Closed length 675mm


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Weight 8 kg