Rear 110/130 HD Round Spring Retainers, GL1182

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1 x Pair 110/130 Heavy Duty Rear Round Spring Retainers.

Part Number:- GL1182, Pair Rear 110/130 HD Round Spring Retainers

Manufacturer:Gwyn Lewis 4×4

Weight:- 1.7 KG

Fits:- Defender 110/130, Not suitable for Defender 90, Disco 1 or RRC as they have a smaller diameter rear spring, for them you will need Part Number GL1070.

These round spring retainers will clamp the spring more securely than the flat bar type retainers as they can easily bend up at the ends leaving the spring insecurely clamped. GL1182 are round and pressed to the shape of the spring coil to be able to clamp the entire bottom coil of the spring. This is important because our Hooked Rear Spring Relocators need to catch the top coil of the spring in the right place to work properly, if the spring rotates on the spring seat then the Hook of our Spring Relocators will not catch the top coil of the spring in the right place. They are multi-hole which gives you the option to rotate the spring on the spring seat to make sure it catches correctly on the hook of our challenge Rear Spring Relocators.

Made out of 3 mm galvanised steel plate and formed to shape for strength.

Clamping the entire bottom coil of the spring will also help stop the spring from breaking which is common on the thicker flat bar type retaining plates.

Please click HERE to download the fitting instructions.

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Weight 1.7 kg

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