Rear A-Frame to Chassis Bushes, SuperPro, PUMA Late, M16 – SPF0128AK

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1 x SuperPro Polyurethane A-Frame to Chassis Bush Kit

Part Number :- SPF0128AK, Rear A-Frame to Chassis Bushes, SuperPro, PUMA Late, M16
(Equivalent to ANR4614)

Weight :- 0.5KG

Manufacturer :- SuperPro

Fits :- Late PUMA Defender 90, 110, 130 Upper A-Frame Arms (M16 Bolts)

**NOTE** Please check your A-Frame Arms, Late PUMA the brackets are welded on the the A-Frame Cross Member and the bushes use M16 Bolts, this is 2009 onwards.
2007 to 2009 have the earlier Bolt On “Crows Feet” brackets on the A-Frame Cross Member, these Bushes use 3/4 UNF Bolts, the part number you need to order for the earlier kit is SPF0128K.

These polyurethane bushes from SuperPro are the best after market bushes available for Land Rovers, “OEM” and “G” bushes just aren’t made to the same quality as original production Line Genuine bushes were when the Defender was still in production, finding quality Genuine bushes now is getting very difficult which is  why we are using SuperPro bushes as the best available alternative.


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Weight 0.5 kg