Rear Adventurer / Explorer STD to +3inch Pin/Pin Shock Mount, GL1171

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1 x Pair Standard length up to +3inch length Pin/Pin fitting Rear Shock Mounts

Part Number:- GL1171, Pair Rear Adventurer / Explorer STD to +3inch Pin/Pin Shock Mount.

Fits:- Defender 90, 110, 130 Rear (will not fit Disco1 or RRC due to a chassis mounting that is in the way)

Manufacturer:- Gwyn Lewis 4×4

Weight:- 3.9KG

These NEW Pin/Pin Rear Shock Mounts have been designed to use a Pin/Pin fitting Shock on the rear of a Defender.
It is a known problem for the upper Eye fitting on standard fitment rear shocks to break off due to lack of sideways movement.
A Pin fixing allows more movement in all directions without breaking off, which has been well proven over the years by my +5inch Challenge Pin/Pin Rear Shock mount.

This Mount will allow the use of two lengths of Old Man Emu Pin/Pin shocks, we can supply Standard Length in Medium Duty (GL2005) or Heavy Duty (GL2006), or +3inch in Medium Duty (GL2007) or Heavy Duty (GL2009).

If your Defender is light and you need more rear end comfort then you can fit Standard Length GL2000 Shocks, or the same in longer travel GL2001 Shocks.

This Pin/Pin Rear Shock Mounting is for use by those who want the much improved reliability of a Pin/Pin fitting shock over the Standard Eye/Pin fitting and that do not need the maximum amount of Axle Articulation available from my +5inch Pin/Pin fitting Challenge mounting.

These mounts bolt on directly in place of the original Land Rover Shock mounts, you do not need to move the Fuel Filter mounting on TD5 orPumas which you need to do with my Challenge Pin/Pin Rear Shock mounts. These mounts are GALVANISED and come with the required bolts.

If used with standard length Pin/Pin shocks then you can keep your anti-roll bars and your springs will not dislocate, this is good for road bias cars and for those with lowering springs, you won’t need extended brake hoses either.

If used with +3″ Pin/Pin Shocks you will need to remove anti-roll bars, fit springs retainers, re-locators and extended brake hoses.

These mounts will work with lowered springs up to 3″ lift springs when used with the correct shocks, all of which we can supply.

Fitting configurations

Standard Length Shocks

  • These can be fitted with or without Anti Roll Bars.
  • 1” Lowered Ride Height
  • Standard Ride Height up to 2” Lift

You will not need extended Brake Hoses or Spring Re-Locators.
Extended Bump Stops will be needed if using a lift spring.

+3” Shocks

  • Can only be used without Anti Roll Bars fitted.
  • Standard Ride Height up to 3” Lift

You will need extended Brake Hoses, Spring Retainers, Spring Re-locators and Extended Bump Stops.

Please click HERE to download our Shock Bush Isolation Washers fitting instructions.

Additional information

Weight 3.9 kg

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