Rear Challenge Shock Mount, Single Position – DIY GL1060

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1 x Pair Rear Shock Mounts Challenge Pin/Pin (DIY Tacked Together)

Part Number:- GL1060, Pair Rear Challenge Shock Mount, Single Position – DIY

Fits:- Rear Defender 90,110,130 / Discovery 1 / RRC. A Fuel filter remount kit will be required for Defender 90,110,130 Td5 and Puma.

Manufacturer:- Gwyn Lewis 4×4

Weight:- 4KG

These DIY Shock Mounts come tacked together and require welding up.

These challenge suspension rear shock mounts are designed for our 11 inch travel + 5.5 inch (challenge) Pin/Pin fixing shocks, they provide long travel suspension and ride quality for off road applications. By using the Pin on the top mount there is improved movement in all directions, the problem with the standard Eye top mount is it can move front to back, but the sideways movement is restricted and causes the Eye to break off when longer shocks are fitted. The rear shock mounts are moved forward and upwards to allow room for the longer shock length, this allows the spring to compress on full upward travel, upward travel is more important than drop out as you want your wheel to move upwards to get over obstacles, but this mount also gives downward movement, keeping your wheels on the ground at all times helps on traction and takes the pressure off the drive train.

On newer rear axles you will have 4 shock bush cup washers on the axle shock mount, you must remove these 4 cup washers as they will restrict the shock movement and can cause the shock lower pin to break off, they are held on with 4 spot welds and must be removed. We supply new cup washers with our shocks to replace them, this is very important.

Please click HERE to download the Shock Bush Isolation Washer fitting instructions.

All nuts and bolts required to fit this mount will be supplied.


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Weight 4 kg

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