SALISBURY Diff Flange, STC4403-KIT

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1 x SALISBURY Diff Flange Kit STC4403-KIT

Weight:- 2KG

Part Number:- STC4403-KIT, SALISBURY Diff Flange Kit

Fits:- All Defender 110/130 SALISBURY Rear Axles

This Flange Kit is a standard SALISBURY Diff Flange

The Flange Kit is fully assembled and ready to be fitted onto the vehicle with the mud shield already pressed on. 

Torque Setting must be done as the manufacturer recommends as you do not torque these up tight like the Rover Diffs, these have a Crush Tube to set the bearing pre load

This kit consists of:-
1 x Diff Flange.
1 x Mud shield ready pressed onto the flange.
1 x Oil Seal STC4401.
4 x Propshaft Bolts & Nuts.
1 x Pinion Lock Nut and Washer.

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Weight 2 kg