Spring Information


Here at Gwyn Lewis 4×4, we sell Old Man Emu Springs to match the shock absorbers for our Suspension kits.

We stock and sell a wide range of Old Man Emu springs to suit a vehicle’s needs.

The spring holds the vehicle up, they determine your ride height, shocks travel and length determines your axle travel (articulation off road), longer shocks mean more axle movement.

Old Man Emu Springs were mainly designed for load carrying, this is how a suspension lift will be given if Old Man Emu springs are used however from the wide range we can pick and choose springs to suit the vehicle’s weight and the customers preferred ride height. 

Most Old Man Emu springs are handed, they are marked with the letters A and B, on the part number tag. “A” being the higher in free height, this will normally go on the driver’s side as it is normally the heaviest side however some vehicles with a lot of accessories can be heavier on the passenger side. Please determine this for yourself.

Gwyn has tried and tested each spring along with how much weight they can carry to be able to determine which spring will be needed for the vehicle. If you would like to purchase OME springs please get in touch with the following information –

  • What engine and vehicle you have
  • How much extra weight is the vehicle carrying
  • What height are you looking to achieve

It is useful to know what height the vehicle is sitting at at the moment to help decide which springs are needed. This is how you can measure your suspension lift the Gwyn Lewis 4×4 way 

Without detailed information, springs are very difficult to select.

Old Man Emu Springs Front = £180.00 inc
Old Man Emu Springs Rear = £180.00 inc
Old Man Emu 110/130 Heavy Duty Rear Springs = £237.60 inc

Springs cannot be purchased through the website, they will need to be purchased over the phone or by email.