Steering Damper Relocation Kit for Discovery/RRC type Pin/Pin fitting Damper, SUMO-GL80RHD-GL78

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1 x Steering Damper relocation Kit.

Part No :- SUMO-GL80RHD-GL78, Steering Damper Relocation Kit for Discovery/RRC type Pin/Pin fitting Damper

Weight :- 2KG

Manufacturer :- Gwyn Lewis 4×4.

The Kit includes :-
1 x GL80RHD Pin/Pin Damper clamp on mount.
1 x GL78 Side mount.

Fits:- Discovery 1 and Range Rover Classic with Pin/Pin steering damper RHD.
Please click HERE for a Discovery 1 Fitment Steering Damper from Old Man Emu

This kit allows you to move the standard Pin/Pin steering damper from the track rod (rear bar) to the drag link (front bar) in front of the axle, the original damper is normally on the rear bar behind the axle and gets caught and bent when off roading.

This kit uses the original Disco 1 / Range Rover Classic steering damper, Pin/Pin fixing and has 8-1/4 inch of travel, for general off roading with over size tyres this kit is fine.

Do not over tighten the pin end of the steering damper as it will over compress the bushes causing the bushes crack and maybe causing the mounting to flex and break, all our steering dampers come with nylock nuts, so there is no need to over tighten them.

If you wanted more steering lock I recommend you use the Defender Eye/Pin steering damper that has 9-1/2 inch travel and GL79 Eye/Pin mount (this only applies if you are going to adjust the steering stops to increase the turning circle with small tyres for trialing). Please Note The Defender Eye/Pin Steering can only be fitted to a Discovery 1 / Range Rover Classic that is fitted with the later Straight Drop Arm,  a Defender Steering Damper is too long to use with the earlier Swan Neck Drop Arm.

If you do want one for the Defender style Eye/Pin steering damper click HERE, this SUMO-GL79RHD-GL78 kit will also work with a return to centre Eye/Pin steering damper.

The GL80RHD clamp on mount will fit all heavy duty steering bars from 29mm to 32mm and obviously our SUMOBARS, this one is for Right Hand Drive only.

We can do Left Hand Drive Kits if required, Please contact us to order LHD.

The GL78 side mount is multi hole fitment as there are so many different types of steering guards which are sometimes in the way, the ability to use the different bolt holes allows you to fit the side mount so that the damper does not foul the steering guard, ideally you should mount the damper as far forward as possible.

Click HERE to download PDF fitting instructions

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Weight 2 kg