Sumobars Lock Nut, Right Hand Thread, Stainless Steel


1 x SUMO Stainless Steel Right Hand Thread Lock Nut.

Weight :- 40grms

Fits:- All Land Rover track rod ends & heavy duty steering bars (rods) 11/16 UNF thread Defender, Discovery1, RRc.


Manufacturer :- Gwyn Lewis 4×4 SUMOBARS, these are made in the UK not cheaper imports.

The Kit includes :-
1 x Sumo Stainless Steel Right Hand Nut, 11/16 UNF thread.

These sumobar LOC NUTS are full nuts (not like the cheaper copies which are half nuts), this is for strength and security with less chance of rounding the nut whilst tightening them. The full nut will help eliminate the track rod end thread from flexing when it is under strain.

Steel nuts are 24mm and Stainless Steel nuts are 27mm.

The left and right had thread nuts are easily identified with a grove machined around the 6 points on the right hand thread nut, the left hand thread nut is plain.