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1 x SuperPro Polyurethane Full Bush Kit to fit 200tdi and earlier

Part Number :- KIT0043BK, SuperPro Full Bush Kit, 200tdi and earlier

Weight :- 4.3KG

Manufacturer :- SuperPro

Fits :- All Defender 90, 110, 130 200tdi and earlier (earlier 10 spline Front Axles fitted with Narrow Bush 38mm Front Radius Arms)

**NOTE** This kit fits 200tdi and earlier with original Narrow Bush 38mm Front Radius Arms. If you have changed your front axle to a later 24spline with Wide Bush Front Radius Arms you will need the 300tdi/early TD5 kit, Part Number :- KIT0043AK. Please see the last picture in the gallery for measurements, Early Narrow arms are 38mm wide and Later Wide arms are 44mm wide.

This is full polyurethane bush kit from SuperPro, these are the best after market bushes available for Land Rovers, “OEM” and “G” rubber bushes aren’t made to the same quality as original Production Line Genuine rubber bushes were when the Defender was still in production, finding quality Genuine bushes is getting very difficult which is  why we are using SuperPro bushes as the best available alternative.

Kit Includes :-
(All Bushes also available separately)

SPF0194K – Front Panhard Rod Bushes (Using M14 Bolts) (ANR3410)
SPF0126K – Front Radius Arm to Axle Bushes (Narrow Bush Arm) (NTC7307)
SPF0206K – Front Radius Arm to Chassis Bushes (NRC4514)

SPF0128K – Upper A-Frame Arms to Chassis Bushes (Using 3/4 UNF Bolts) (NTC1773)
SPF0323K – Rear Trailing Arms to Chassis Bushes (NTC9027)
SPF0129K – Rear Trailing Arms to Axle Bushes ((NTC1772)

We can also supply a bolt kit for the above bushes, Part Number :- GL1219

SuperPro bush kits we Stock

KIT0043BK Fits :- Defender 1984-1993, 2.5, 200Tdi and Earlier with Narrow 38mm Front Radius Arms.

KIT0043AK Fits :- Defender 1993-1998, 300Tdi.
KIT0043AK Fits :- Defender 1998-2002, EARLY Td5 with M14 Panhard Rod Bolt.
KIT0043AK Fits :- Discovery 1991-1999, 200Tdi, 300Tdi.

KIT0043CK Fits :- Defender 2002-2007, LATE Td5 with M16 Panhard Rod Bolt.
KIT0043CK Fits :- Defender 2007-2009 approx, Early Puma with Bolt On Crows Feet Bracket, or Welded Brackets on A-Frame cross member using 3/4 UNF Bolt.

KIT0043DK Fits :- Defender 2009 onwards, Late Puma with welded Crows Feet Bracket on A-Frame cross member using M16 Bolt.

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Weight 4.3 kg